Stairs & Access Gantry’s

Stairs & Access Gantry’s


As metal fabricators TR Fabrications undertake the fabrication and installation of components such as stairs, access gantry’s, fire escapes and safety ladders. All our fabricators are experienced in Mig, Tig and Ma welding. We also provide welding services and undertake welding repairs to all these steel structures.






Click here to see examples of our stairs and access gantry work.


Security Safety

Security Safety


If you are looking to upgrade your existing security requirements or having new security grills and bars TR Fabrications can provide you with this service. Security bars and grills can be designed and manufactured for interior or exterior use.


We have a skilled fabrication team on hand install with the minimum of inconvenience or disturbance. We have a selection of surface finishes and colours available enabling the security grills and bars to blend into the surrounding environment.


Click here to see examples of our security safety work.


Steelwork & Construction

Steelwork & Construction


Much of TR Fabrications work is the supply and installation or the supply only of beams and steelwork for houses, flats, refurbishments and all forms of re-developments. We offer a very quick turnaround service and the steel can be self colour, shot blasted and primed or galvanised.


Beams and posts in many circumstances are available for next day delivery/collection.

We offer a site survey service which means that TR Fabrications are able to provide initial site surveying and quotations based on your drawings and requirements.


Click here to see examples of our steelwork and construction work.


Machine Guards

Machine Guards


TR Fabrications can manufacture guarding for your new or old machines to meet your requirements or safety needs. We can guard the chain or cover that nip point, we can also cover the whole machine leaving inspection and access points.






Click here to see examples of our machine guards work.





TR Fabrications design, manufacture and install all types of DDA Hand railing and balustrades from Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild steel.


Specialised welding, fabrication and installation of ‘warm to touch’ DDA compliant hand rails and balustrades are available in a choice of colours, ideal for schools, hospitals and large organisations. We offer a site survey where we are able to discuss ideas and needs then provide you with a no obligation quote.



Click here to see examples of our DDA work.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


In addition to Mild steel TR Fabrications are specialists in designing and creating products in a range of other metals including Stainless Steel and Aluminium. We have the experience and skill to create designs which incorporate other decorative materials including glass and Stainless steel wire.






Click here to see examples of our stainless steel work.


Gates, Railings & Juliette Balconies

Gates, Railings & Juliette Balconies


Here at TR Fabrications we manufacture, supply and install gates, railings and balconies for the commercial and domestic sectors. All our work is carried out to the highest standard by our fully qualified and trained craftsmen who have many years experience in the installation of gates, balconies and balustrades.


All our gates, railings, balustrades, balconies and ornamental steelwork are individually hand crafted by our trained craftsmen. TR Fabrications can also roll box section and flat for your gate top requirements (see our bending services section below).


Click here to see examples of our gates and railings.


Custom/Bespoke & Commission Work

Custom/Bespoke & Commission Work


TR Fabrications work alongside people like interior designers, architects and project managers. Working together we can provide a complete design, build and installation service for bespoke metalwork and custom metalwork of any description.


We have manufactured small bespoke items such as Stainless steel flower boxes and breakfast bars, to large staircases and balustrades.



Click here to see examples of our custom/bespoke work.


Bending Services

Bending Services


TR Fabrications can manufacture your stair return bends and 90 degree or offset bends, cycle stands, car park barriers and door stops. These can be individually manufactured to suit your requirements and help you finish the end of your hand rail, or just that awkward section of hand railing. We can also roll box section and flat for your gate top requirements.






Click here to see examples of our bending services.

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